We are a small team, a family company, that wears the jersey with commitment and dynamism. Each element has its defined functions, but they all do a little bit of everything and roll up their sleeves when needed. Teamwork, focusing on common goals.

Márcio Lopes

CEO & Oenologist

The brain, the idiot, the distracted, in one person. He is adept at leaving toggles loose and barrels uncapped. Cyclist and friend of his friend, he doesn’t leave his colleagues behind. As if there wasn’t enough work, every week brings a new idea!


Cláudia Codesso

Administrativa & Financeira

Cláudia plays a key role at MLW, despite working more in the back office. She is the person responsible for the accounts and manages the administrative and accounting part. In addition to her role at MLW, she is a nurse by profession, mother and super dedicated wife.
Her favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos Loureiro.


Patrícia Branco

Technical Director

Patricia is the bridge between the various departments of the company like no one else. She is that person who always greets you with a smile and is tireless when it comes to supporting MLW. She started her professional career as a Clinical Psychologist, but joined the MLW project and the world of wines with all her dedication and commitment. She is always ready to help the team with whatever is needed.
Her favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos Atlântico.

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Amadeu Costa

Head of Operations

Amadeu is the head of operations, responsible for our Pequenos Rebentos winery in Melgaço. Always available and very committed, everything passes through his hands in the cellar.
His favorite wine is Proibido à Capela.

Amadeu PB

Carla Leal

Resident Oenologist

Graduated in Biochemistry but it’s the wine that makes her happy. Carla is our resident oenologist and just listening to her talk about her work here at MLW makes it impossible not to notice the sparkle in her eyes.
Her favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos Caminho.

Carla PB

Fernanda Araújo

Cellar Helper

Fernanda treats the bottles very carefully from the moment they arrive until they leave the cellar. She helps with whatever it takes, she doesn’t know how to stand still and takes care of everyone.
Her favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos Ancestral.

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Ricardo Almeida


He was the first illustrator to color our wine labels. Restaurant entrepreneur and a “head-in-air”, he needs GPS to know where north is. At MLW he never leaves his colleague glass empty.
His favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos “À Moda Antiga”.

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Décio Salgado


Décio, co-author of Príncipe and the Bandido, is our “Galician” who works at the bank, who represents our project at fairs and events, or even helping in the cellar.
His favorite wine is Pequenos Rebentos Príncipe e o Bandido (as expected).

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