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“Experiment. Make. Materialize. It’s my life motto. I want to make special wines that bring out the best that nature has to offer.”

Márcio Lopes was born in Porto in 1983 and from an early age he had contact with rural life and agriculture through his grandparents. He graduated in Agricultural Engineering in 2006 at the University of Porto. During his academic period he started working with the winemaker Anselmo Mendes, in Melgaço, where he made his first harvest with the Alvarinho variety. From the north of Portugal he heads to Australia in 2008, where he makes two harvests – Rutherglen and Tasmania.
2010 – The “Márcio Lopes Winemaker” project is founded with its first two brands: PEQUENOS REBENTOS in the Vinho Verde Region and PROIBIDO in the Douro Superior Region.
2015 – The Quinta do Pombal in Vila Nova de Foz Côa is acquired..
2017 – Creation of the first experimental field at Quinta do Pombal, named “Vinha da Sofia” for the recovery of native grape varieties.
2017 – Starts his first project outside Portugal – TELEGRAFO in Ribeira Sacra, Spain.
2019 – Inauguration of the first own winery where the “PEQUENOS REBENTOS” brand is produced.
2019 – Creation of the second experimental field at Quinta do Pombal, named “Vinha da Luísa”.
2020 – Elected as “Revelation Winemaker of the Year 2019” by “Revista de Vinhos – A Essência dos Vinhos”.
2020 – Receives the “Singularity Award 2019” by the magazine “Vinho – Grandes Escolhas”.
2020 – Mention in the “Top 100 Wine Discoveries 2020 – Robert Parker”.

“We have a well-defined path to follow, certainly with mishaps, but always step by step with a focus on excellence. Above all, what we want most is to make people happy.”


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